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Sole financial adviser to H.I.G. European Middle Market in relation to the recommended £314.8m cash acquisition of DX (Group) plc
November 2023
Sole global coordinator on the equity raise
November 2023


Feb 2023
What's on the INN agenda for 2023 with Robyn Hawkins

The Inclusive Numis Network (INN) is an employee-led group that promotes an inclusive, diverse and collaborative workplace. It seeks to empower all colleagues at Numis to help build an increasingly inclusive culture. Robyn Hawkins, Director in the Debt Advisory team at Numis and Chair of INN, discusses what‘s new for 2023 and how you can get involved.

Jan 2023
INN Conversation with graduates Kamreen Jheeta and Emanuele Scarani

In the latest in our INN Conversation series, we catch up with colleagues Kamreen Jheeta and Emanuele Scarani from our 2022 graduate intake to find out about their roles, how they have settled in, and their initial experiences of working at Numis.

Jan 2023
Numis Indices - 2023 Annual Review
It is with great pleasure that Numis publishes the Annual Review of the Numis indices. Over the last 36 years, the Numis indices have been produced by Professor Elroy Dimson and Professor Paul Marsh of London Business School. Scott Evans took over Elroy Dimson’s role from 2016. Through their production of the NSCI and their associated research on smaller companies, the Numis index team has had a major impact on the practicalities of investing in smaller and mid-sized companies in the UK. With the launch of the Numis All Share index in 2021, Numis now provides a complete set of benchmarks for the UK equity market.
Jan 2023
Numis Three things About Debt 11 January 2023

2022 was a year when we had 3 PMs, 4 Chancellors, 2 Monarchs and no elections.  But 2023 has started with a bang, with a right royal family feud being played out in public; my kids need to up their game, as their fights have never even made local TV. I recently read The Daughter of Time, a great murder mystery about Richard III (once voted the Best Crime Novel of All Time).  The William / Harry saga has a long way to go before eclipsing the Plantagenets with Edward IV eventually executing his brother George but let’s see if the 2020s continue to surprise us …


Dec 2022
INN Conversation with Mary Roser
In our latest INN Conversation, we speak with Mary Roser, Head of Facilities, to find out why she is so passionate about sustainability at Numis, and how the company has changed in the 16 years since she first joined the Numis family.