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Joint broker and joint bookrunner
June 2023
Supported accesso in the refinancing and upsizing a new $40m revolving credit facility
May 2023


Nov 2022
Debt advisory update
Since we last wrote, we’ve got a new PM who is richer than the King and have already had the first resignation from his Cabinet, so it’s not clear if Sunak is going to achieve Michael Gove’s goal of boring government.  (Gove could never be accused of being boring)
Gilts are back under control: the 10-year Gilt rate is now 3.5%, ‘just’ 275bp higher in the last 12 months but a full 100bp below the peak in September. But markets are still pricing UK base rates to hit 4.6% next summer, so plenty of rate rises still to come.
Nov 2022
INN Conversation with Maria 'Minnie' Driver
In the latest INN Conversation, we speak with Maria Driver, Director and Co-Head of PCFM, Sales at Numis, and hear about her journey from law school to investment banking, being a working mother and how Numis has changed in the 15 years since she first arrived at the business.
Oct 2022
Debt advisory update
OK, it’s a been a little while since our last “Three Things About Debt”.  There’s been quite a lot on – and every time we sat down to write, there was a change in government policy, Chancellor or monarch.  We won’t dwell much on the new king except that we enjoyed his greeting to Liz Truss this week: “Back again? Dear oh dear”.  Here at least, he does speak for us all.  In terms of money, the only change will be that Charles will face to the right on coins and notes whereas Elizabeth faced to the left; apparently it alternates for each monarch.  Apart from Edward VIII who as ever tried to be different.
But the new king is old news: in a desperate bid to make us nostalgic for Boris Johnson’s competent and efficient government, Liz Truss has done more U-turns than when I tried to drive around Granada.
I’ve written a few drafts of this over the past couple of weeks but news just kept happening.  This time I’m just going to get it out, safe in the knowledge that this government will generate something else for us to write about next.
Sep 2022
Joint financial adviser and corporate broker to Biffa plc
We are pleased to be acting as joint financial adviser and corporate broker to Biffa.
Sep 2022
Numis voices with Jamie Loughborough
We recently enjoyed the fantastic help and work of our most recent batch of interns. And as we start to welcome our new graduates, we sat down with Jamie Loughborough to discuss his Numis journey from intern to Head of Equity Capital Markets.