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Latest Transactions
Appointed as joint financial adviser and broker to AVEVA Group plc
January 2023
Acted as joint bookrunner to IBEX, a subsidiary of Steinhoff International Holdings in relation to the partial sell-down of its stake in Pepco Group
January 2023


May 2022
Debt Advisory Update

This month has seen the 25-year anniversary of the ‘independence’ of the Bank of England, just days after the historic election that brought Tony Blair to power.  Gordon Brown’s prolix letter setting out the framework is here, which is long on price stability and short on quantitative easing.  In other news this week, the Governor of the Bank of England warned of “apocalyptic” food price rises and inflation over 10%, which is still better than the 15% inflation at the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977.

May 2022
Q&A with Inclusive Numis Network (INN) co-founder and chair Robyn Hawkins
The Inclusive Numis Network (INN) is an employee-led, board-sponsored initiative focused on building a diverse and inclusive workplace. It focuses on professional networking, community support, career development and charitable causes and is vital to our business succeeding in its ambitions.
May 2022
Launch of NumisFocus
An inside-out study of UK mid-market M&A
May 2022
ESG factors now a core M&A topic in UK boardrooms
An inside-out study of UK mid-market M&A
Apr 2022
Private equity playing a leading role in UK M&A
An inside-out study of UK mid-market M&A