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Latest Transactions
Creo medical
Joint bookrunner and joint broker
March 2023
Debt adviser to Annington on the extension of its existing £500 million loan facilities
March 2023

Trading and sales trading (high-touch and low-touch execution)

We are widely regarded as the leading UK equity broker, making more markets in UK corporates than any of our competitors. This extends to both high-touch and electronic execution services.

"With a global network of over 1,000 investors we excel in offering first class high touch and electronic services".

Ross Mitchinson Co-Chief Executive Officer

First class execution

Deep market insights have been gained though adopting a high-touch approach to execution establishing long-term investor relationships across the business. Our execution capabilities continue to excel, investing against the trend towards juniorisation. We believe this is a strong advantage in providing differentiated services to our clients.

Electronic execution services — another dynamic client advantage

Our Electronic Trading team offers anonymity via an agency-only model and customisable algorithmic trading. Through independent and proprietary master algorithms we deliver trading and settlement in global developed and emerging markets. 

Providers of key liquidity

We facilitate access to meaningful levels of liquidity across multiple venues, bringing a wealth of experience to the fold. Continued assessment of brokers, liquidity venues and evolving algorithms underpins our commitment to our clients.

Pierre Adams

Head of UK Sales Trading

+44 207 260 1383

Email Pierre

Simon Gandon

Head of UK Trading

+44 207 260 1241

Email Simon

Paul Treacy

Head of US Sales Trading

Email Paul

Nishad Vallonthaiel

Head of Electronic and Program Trading & Sales

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Trading book contacts

Sector  Name Phone Number 
Life Sciences Simon Gandon +44 207 260 1241
Pierre Livingston +44 207 260 1343
Aerospace, Engineers, Hard Tech, Soft Tech Alex Smith +44 207 260 1268
Grace Claxton +44 207 260 1384
Media Gray Aim +44 207 260 1379
Pierre Livingston +44 207 260 1343
Banks, Financials, Insurance, Life Insurance Paul Lewis +44 207 260 1332
Grace Claxton
+44 207 260 1384
Real Estate, Chemicals, Resources Alex Stirling +44 207 260 1378
FMCG, Retail, TelCos Robin Bowman +44 207 260 1385
Gaming, Leisure, Transport, Support Services Rory Longdon +44 207 260 1392
Event Driven Steve Pinkster +44 207 260 1358
Building and Construction Warren Todd +44 207 260 1257

Our services

Numis is an ambitious, dynamic and innovative investment bank, driven to excel across all aspects of its delivery.
Corporate broking

The largest corporate broker in the UK by number of listed clients

Equity capital markets

Capital raising specialists in services including IPOs, equity issuance and block trades


Providing M&A expertise through a full suite of bespoke advice and solutions

Debt advisory

Expert debt advice focused on robust and efficient corporate solutions


Drawing from our experience to deliver strong outcomes at IPO

Growth capital solutions

Enabling the world’s most ambitious private companies to achieve their ambitions

Sales & Research

We are the leading provider of in-depth, high quality research on UK listed companies

Trading and sales trading (high-touch and low-touch execution)

The largest, most experienced Sales Trading and Trading teams covering UK equities

Investment companies

Proactive advice combining in-depth research, distribution and execution