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July 2022
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June 2022

Investment Companies

Covering the full spectrum of financial services for investment companies through providing market-leading corporate advice, research and sales.

Market-leading research, sales and corporate advice focused on creating growth platforms


Having a dedicated investment companies team with full access to Numis’ advisory, distribution and execution capabilities allows us to enter into long-term partnerships with our quality blend of corporate clients, with the aim to drive sustained secondary growth.

We provide innovative corporate advice on a wide range of activities including equity fundraising, M&A and debt advisory.

Insightful research, market-leading data and client engagement

Over 1,200 research comments per year are produced by our highly-rated research team, including detailed company notes, daily updates and in-depth sector notes.

Our distribution network reaches a wide range of engaged clients focused on specialist assets and differentiated funds.

The value of our service has been recognised by our secondary clients who have voted us No.1 for both Research and Sales for Alternative Investment Funds in the 2019 Extel Survey.

The ‘go-to’ sales team for Investment Companies

We target demand from a broad range of investors, across private wealth managers, multi-asset and multi-manager funds, family offices, institutions and retail broker platforms. This is strengthened by our partnership with Numis' Private Client Fund Manager team, providing access to over 3,000 active portfolio managers.

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Investment Companies Portal

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