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Our environmental, social and governance (ESG) vision is to provide bold and innovative solutions to our clients based on a shared ambition to manage our environmental impacts, drive social value in the wider community and create a caring and fair working environment for our employees. 

Operational commitments

ESG issues are playing an ever-larger role in our business, as they are increasingly material to clients, shareholders, employees, suppliers and regulators. The financial services industry is well-positioned to help create a more sustainable economy and, as an investment bank providing services to UK and international corporates and investors, we feel an obligation to show greater leadership on sustainability and support our clients in their own sustainability journeys. Our ESG vision will translate into an operational and tactical implementation plan, measured against key performance indicators.

In 2021, we made progress on our ESG journey, undertaking our first materiality assessment and developing an ESG framework, which helped our leadership begin to move the business in the right direction to better serve stakeholders, society and the environment. By raising our sustainability ambitions and identifying the ESG areas that are most important to us, we are better placed to lead or respond to ESG issues and opportunities that arise from embedding ESG more deeply into our business.

We are committed to the long-term success of our ESG outputs and want to ensure this goes far beyond a tick-box exercise to create greater long-term value that genuinely makes an impact. To this end, we will embed a strong accountability framework through taskforce teams with executive sponsorship, clear metrics and alignment to performance reviews, and, as ever, we will be guided by our core values of partnership, excellence, dynamism and creativity.
Numis is in a unique position where we speak to a number of the world’s largest investors and senior leaders of companies daily. We’re able to facilitate and contribute to conversations on the sustainability agenda. We will continue to commit to these conversations and further leverage our strong relationships to advise clients and share our insights.

Our four key areas of focus

Empowering employees

We are committed to making equality, diversity and inclusion central to our culture and business practices. It’s the right thing to do – we want to be more reflective of our client base and the society we serve – and the data shows that more diverse and inclusive companies are more effective. 


Progress continues with INN (Inclusive Numis Network) helping our business benefit from the power of diversity. It is an employee-led and board-sponsored discussion and learning group, open to everyone, that addresses challenges and opportunities around diversity and inclusivity to encourage dialogue across the firm. Its main focus is to achieve more connectivity within Numis, so that every employee feels able to contribute fully and excel by being exactly who they are. INN wants to achieve positive progress in our internal community, employees’ career development and professional networking.

Our hybrid working model, adopted in response to the pandemic, takes the benefits of working from home – access to family, less commuting – and the benefits of being in a new, state-of-the-art office – collective problem solving – and supports those two elements. We have policies on childcare and shared parental leave.

Responsible governance

We plan to place a greater focus on responsible and sustainable business practices. Our leadership and business-wide teams will carefully nurture a culture where ESG considerations are upheld and communicated through all of our activities. We will accomplish this with a reinforcement of our core values, enhanced training, wider reporting, responsible risk, accountability and low-carbon strategies, alongside an ESG governance structure and specific climate reporting.

Serving our community

We recognise that Numis has a role to play in our community – from supporting employees as they undertake work for charities to directly engaging with projects that maximise social outcomes. We can measure our positive impact, not just by the number and description of current community programmes, but also by the issues we collectively address – such as social mobility and the level of ethnic minorities entering the industry. We are exploring a hub of volunteering projects with innovative non-profits/charities/start-ups where employees can pick the causes they feel most passionately about, for example, sustainability.

Embedding ESG into advisory

We want to build our capability to deliver tailored, sector-specific ESG advice as an integrated part of our advisory offerings. We will seek to leverage our client relationships and services to drive positive ESG outcomes. We currently support clients with ESG advisory capabilities in the high impact sector of real estate and are broker to a suite of sector-leading renewable and infrastructure investment companies making significant decarbonisation contributions and positive environmental impacts. 
Our intention is to broaden this approach, developing an all-encompassing offering, which enables us to embed ESG advisory within each of our areas of sector specialism and encourage decarbonisation solutions across our network. This planned value-add will be part of Numis’ brokerage, M&A, IPO, debt advisory and other advisory offerings. Since 2021, the Numis Sustainable Series has reached a total audience of over 1,500 corporates and investors, and seen more than 45 guest speakers, including industry experts, ESG investors, ESG consultants and corporate clients that exhibit exemplary ESG credentials.