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INN Conversation with graduates Kamreen Jheeta and Emanuele Scarani

In the latest in our INN Conversation series, we catch up with colleagues Kamreen Jheeta and Emanuele Scarani from our 2022 graduate intake to find out about their roles, how they have settled in, and their initial experiences of working at Numis.


You both joined Numis on our graduate scheme last September. What are you doing now?

Kamreen: I work on the technology team as a software developer. I develop systems for colleagues around the business, talking to them about the improvements they want and liaising with our development team to determine what’s possible. Part of my role involves creating and managing bespoke dashboards for different teams to help them mine their data most effectively. My role is really broad and I enjoy the variety and ability to get stuck into different initiatives around the business.

Emanuele: I work in the technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) team on the investment banking side of the business. We support clients in the TMT sector on everything from corporate broking to IPOs and M&A. We have a great range of interesting clients, and the team fully involves me in all our deals and projects.

You both initially took part in our internship scheme and impressed the team so much that you were offered permanent roles. Can you tell us more about your journey to working at Numis?

Emanuele: I’m from Lombardy, Italy, which is a region with a strong history of entrepreneurship. That background definitely inspired me, and I decided to combine my entrepreneurial spirit with my passion for helping companies into a career in investment banking. While I hadn’t initially heard of Numis, the name came up again and again while I was researching investment banks to apply to. I kept hearing about the open and friendly culture and the ability to make a direct impact on clients, which really appealed.

I was lucky enough to be accepted on to the internship scheme and really enjoyed the opportunity to develop both my technical and personal skills during that time. I was delighted to receive the offer of a permanent role at the end of my internship and, as I’d already graduated from university that summer, was able to start my new role straight away.

Kamreen: I did a summer internship at Numis before my final year at university, where I was studying maths. I’d always been interested in technology and had done some coding on the side, but I was in a bit of a ‘bubble’ at university and hadn’t had the chance to explore that interest. The internship really opened my eyes to the variety of tech roles out there, as I had the chance to get involved in everything from documentation to business analyst work, and coding to data analytics. I was really pleased to be offered a permanent role during that time and joined Numis after I graduated.

How do you find working at Numis?

Emanuele: Everyone made me feel welcome from day one right across the business, whether it was a friendly chat in the lift with colleagues or the breakfast with the Co-CEOs that was arranged in our first few weeks. Day-to-day, I sit next to my manager and his manager is right behind me, and I know I can ask them questions at any time.

Kamreen: I think at Numis if you’ve got a good idea, your team will support you to make it happen. Thinking a bit differently is encouraged and supported. In my first few weeks I found an inefficiency with some coding scripts, brought it up with my manager and suggested a way to fix it. He valued my perspective and, in turn, I was able to deliver a valuable improvement for the business.

I have dyslexia, which I find often means I focus on understanding things deeply, even if not as quickly. For me, being part of a team that appreciates diverse perspectives is really important. I’ve also really benefited from having a mentor within my department, who has supported me during my initial period of settling in to this new role.

Did anything surprise you about life at Numis?

Kamreen: Working here gives you the chance to get involved in all sorts of different projects and initiatives outside of your main role, which I hadn’t necessarily expected. For example, I’m an active member of our Inclusive Numis Network (INN) and have been involved in organising company-wide events on diversity and inclusion-related topics that matter to me.

I also feel like everyone is here to work together, not against each other, which wasn’t my perception of what the investment banking industry would be like!

Emanuele: Everyone I’ve met is so talented and experienced, but also humble with it. I’ve learned that it’s effort and willingness that will lead to success in the long term, not ego.

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