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Appointed Joint Corporate Broker
July 2022
VH Global Sustainable Energy Opportunities plc
£122m fundraise
June 2022
Jan 2021
Debt Advisory Update
So, 2021 is just one week old and it looks like being another classic year.  Well done to all those who have maintained “dry January” so far.
Jan 2021
Message from the Co-CEOs 
Alex Ham and Ross Mitchinson share their views on an exceptional year for the firm.
Dec 2020
Debt Advisory Update
This was going to be the last of the year, but I think I might have more free time than usual this Christmas so let’s see.
If not then I wish you all a good Christmas and here’s hoping that “2021 > 2020” is more than just maths.
Dec 2020
Debt Advisory Weekly 
Since the referendum, there seemed to be only two realistic outcomes: no deal or no Brexit; any middle ground is either pointless or unacceptable to Brexiteers / the EU.  As with all major European decisions, this difficult choice has been put off for as long as possible but maybe now the time is here.
Dec 2020
Debt Advisory Update
We hope you enjoy your scotch eggs at the pub this evening.