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The Children's Challenge

The inaugural London to New York Virtual Challenge ran between the 22nd February to the 7th March and was a huge success.

The London to New York Challenge - 22 February - 7 March 2021

The inaugural London to New York Virtual Challenge ran between the 22nd February to the 7th March and was a huge success.

Over 70% of Numis employees contributed and a total of 22,252 miles were recorded. To put this into perspective, the circumference of the Earth is only marginally more at 24,901 miles. 
284 employees managed to collectively run, walk and cycle this distance in only two weeks which is testament to the grit, determination, athleticism and team spirit that abounds at Numis. Even if we do say so ourselves!
As well as the relentless pursuit of team, family and individual glory, one of the overriding driving forces was the opportunity to win some money for charity. Combining looking after the mental and physical well being of Numis employees with the welfare of others, we donated a total of £6,000 to charities chosen by the winners of various categories ranging from the greatest distance travelled per individual to the silliest hat. Irrespective of your ability to grind out the miles, everybody had a chance of financially supporting a charity special to them. 

“It was a genuine privilege for The Children’s Challenge to run this virtual event for Numis. The level of participation and intensity of competition was unprecedented. Working alongside a phenomenal HR and Reception team made it all the more enjoyable. Thank you very much for all your support. It is greatly appreciated."

Stephen Lamacraft The Children's Challenge
The event was run by The Children’s Challenge, working in conjunction with our fantastic HR and Reception team. The core of The Children’s Challenge is the organisation of all inclusive, community wide family adventures through primary school “Expedition Societies”. 
It is this unique offering, building and strengthening communities through mutual challenge, that first brought The Children’s Challenge to Numis’s attention via our Co-CEO Ross Mitchinson. Corporate Virtual Challenges support the roll out of Expedition Societies into increasingly deprived areas. 
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