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INN Conversation with Mary Roser

In our latest INN Conversation, we speak with Mary Roser, Head of Facilities, to find out why she is so passionate about sustainability at Numis, and how the company has changed in the 16 years since she first joined the Numis family.

Mary Roser

Let’s start with your background, what did you do pre-Numis?
I’ve been incredibly blessed job-wise. My first job was as an office junior for an investment company, also based in St. Paul’s. I stayed there for over 15 years, working my way up the ladder. I was then headhunted by a media company in Wapping and worked there for a year. Even though working in media was fun, it wasn’t the same as the City, which is where I wanted to come back to after my initial experience in financial services.

Why have you chosen to make your career in facilities?
I chose to work in facilities because I felt it was a perfect match for my skillset and personality. These two elements combined mean I can naturally be my caring self and do my very best to look after such an amazing group of people. I do my absolute best to provide a working space that you enjoy coming to. I especially enjoy that every day is completely different and I love spinning those plates!

How long have you worked at Numis and what has made you stay so long?
I started at Numis in 2007 and have been here ever since, so about 16 years in total. That may seem like a long time to some, but there are people who have been here well over 20 years! The amazing people, culture  and the dynamic and forward-thinking nature of the business keep me here. I would be useless working in a mundane or slow-paced role. I love that we can rapidly change tack and the idea generation aspect that this environment demands.

You have an impressive number of qualifications, what are they and how have they helped you in your career?
My qualifications include CISI Regulations and Securities, HR Management Level 5, Nebosh Health and Safety and the British Institute of Facilities Management Level 4, as well as business continuity and environmental management qualifications. I think it is important to build on skillsets and my qualifications have enabled me to understand the business more and given me the confidence to be forward-thinking and to instigate positive change.

You are very involved in sustainability at Numis, can you tell us a bit more about your role there?
We have always supported our wider community with social awareness baked into our company culture, but now we have a clear strategy and accountability, so will be able to make a greater impact going forwards. Sustainability, if implemented well, can have real benefits for Numis’ and our community’s future. It involves looking from the inside out and knowing how the ripples affect us all. Sustainability relates directly to facilities management and how our space can have an impact on our environment. 

For example, in our ESG taskforce, I have worked in a team with colleagues from across the organisation on the community engagement pillar. We have recently put in place a new charity and community engagement strategy for our UK operations, maintaining flexibility for employees to work with causes they care about, while introducing more structure to the programme. We have also developed a number of community investment programmes that will be communicated soon, so watch this space..!

What changes have you seen over your time at Numis as the bank has grown? 
Without a doubt, my role has naturally expanded, and I think it is important to be receptive to change and to look forward. But the thing I love most is that people still care and have time for one another. Investment banking isn’t known for its easy-going relationships and I’m proud to say that we are still an amazing group of people who work together for the collective good of Numis and for each other. I feel proud to be part of something incredibly special and from conversations with new joiners, I know that they feel this too.

What is your favourite thing about your role at Numis?
Undoubtedly the people and that every day is different in my job. 


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